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Quinson Pouilly Fuisse AOC Wine


  • Vintage: 2007

  • Grape variety(ies): Chardonnay.

  • Origin: Maconnais Vineyard, in the South of the Burgundy area near the town of Macon.

  • Soil: Chalky and clay-chalky.

  • Vinification: Traditional. The grapes are pressed after harvesting, and alcohol fermentation takes place at a low temperature (about 20° C). The wine is rapidly racked, filtered and bottled.

  • Characteristic:
    - Colour: Slightly golden yellow with emerald lights.
    - Nose: Complex, with fruity and nutty notes.
    - Palate: Palate marked by a warm harmony combining richness, liveliness and aromatic persistence.

  • Recommendations: Fine wine, to be serve with fish, seafood, pasta and white meat.

  • Serving condition in C°: 10-12ºC

  • Alcohol content:

  • Cellar potential: 2 to 4 year

  • Acidity G/L: 6,5