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Quinson Beaujolaise Village AOC Wine


  • Vintage: 2005

  • Grape variety(ies): Black gamay with white juice.

  • Origin: Along the right bank of the Sâone, between Macon and Lyon.

  • Soil: Clay-chalky and granite.

  • Vinification: Semi carbonic, i.e. fermented whole for 5 days in covered tanks. The technique combines alcoholic and intra-cellular fermentation.

  • Characteristic:
    - Colour: Ruby red, brilliant.
    - Nose: Dominant red fruit taste.
    - Palate: Supple and round with a fine aromatic persistence.

  • Recommendations: Serve with rillons, scallops, boiled meat, sucking pig in jelly, partridge à la catalane, pike quenelles, Camembert cheese.

  • Serving condition in C°: 12-14ºC

  • Alcohol content:

  • Cellar potential: 1 to 3 year

  • Acidity G/L: