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Liqueur made of the steeping of green melon...

  • Colour : Beautiful green color.

  • Nose : A fruity nose with the fresh and flavoured taste so characteristic of the green melons of Spain: oblong shape with a whitish flesh, full flavoured and sweet.

  • Tasting notes : fresh taste gives the palate a very refreshing flavoury but light sensation in classical cocktail recipes like “Sex on the Beach”.

  • How to drink it? : Pure on the rocks or in cocktails

ABV: 20 %
Sizes: 50 cl – 70 cl

Melonberry : 3 cl Giffard Green Melon liqueur
2 cl Vodka
1 cl Giffard Crème de Pêches
8 cl Orange juice
1 dash Giffard Cranberry Syrup

Pineapple melon : 3 cl Cachaça Thoquino
3 cl Giffard Green Melon liqueur
4 cl Pineapple juice
1 dash Giffard Mint Syrup
Top up with sparkling water or tonic