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Duomo Sambuca is a premium classic Italian spirit, distilled by the same family for fi ve generations. A smooth tasty juice at 38% Vol, Duomo is one of the fi nest premium sambucas available on the market today. This classic anise spirit has been combined with the fi nest possible ingredients to produce an Italian Sambuca of exceptional quality. Originally produced in Noto, Sicily by Gaetano Inga, the Inga family now produce their award winning liqueurs in Northern Italy close to Milan, the home of the magnifi cent ‘DUOMO’.

  • Tasting notes : Colourless with a penetrating, strong aniseed aroma. On dilution there is an immediate and perfect louche. This liberates an even more powerful aniseed aroma. A good balance between sweetness and anise in a warm

  • Sambuca History : There are many mysteries which surround the origination of Sambuca one theory is that it could have come from the Indian name for fennel, sounf or soambu, where it is a regular ingredient in cooking, or that it comes from “sambuq”, a type of Arabic ship which may originally have been used to import the drink and may hence have given it its name. In Italy it is common to serve neat Sambuca with some fl oating coffee beans rested on the liquid: it is called Sambuca con la mosca (literally, “Sambuca with fl y”). The beans are there as an ornament, but they can be chewed to increase the taste of anise. This serve is usually found in restaurants and it is said that the beans represent health, happiness, and prosperity.
DUOMO Sambuca Serves

Duomo con la mosca
Pour one measure of DUOMO Sambuca into a shot glass. Rest three roasted coffee beans on top of the liquid and serve.

Duomo Milanese Mela
Pour one measure into an ice fi lled glass then charge the glass with 200ml / 7oz pure apple juice

Caffè Corretto Duomo
Add Duomo Traditional Sambuca to Espresso or Coffee instead of sweetening with sugar

Duomo Flambé
One measure of Duomo Traditional Sambuca served fl aming in a shot or snifter glass