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Alexis Lichine Chardonnay VDP Wine



  • Vintage: 2008

  • Grape variety(ies): Chardonnay originaly from Burgundy. It has been thriving in southern France for about 20 years, where it has found a new home.

  • Origin: The vineyards of Pays d'Oc are located between the Mediterranean and the Cévennes hills, the Rhône delta and the Mediterranean.

  • Soil: Highly varied over the whole Oc wine producing area : the most suited are clay-chalky.

  • Vinification: The grapes are harvested when just ripe. They are rapidly pressed. The must is racked at a low temperature for about 12 hours with SO2 and seeded with yeast. Low temperature fermentation (16 - 20° C). Alcoholic fermentation : 1 week. The wine is fined, stored in tanks.

  • Characteristics:
    - Colour: Clear, slightly golden yellow with faints lights.
    - Nose: Very expressive with notes of fresh butter, acacia, pineapple, tropical fruit.
    - Palate: Round and pleasing wine, fine balance, with notes of lemon.

  • Recommendations: Fine wine that goes very well with grilled fish, white meat. May be served with some types of cheese.

  • Serving condition in C°: 10 - 12ºC

  • Presentation:

  • Cellar potential: 1- 2 years

  • Acidity G/L: 5,8

  • Residual sugar G/L: 8GR